Shalom precious! Ever wondered what challenges I face in the health department? Find out in my plethora of health topics.

I come from a family who has a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, fertility, cancer, and other aggressive illness that plagues Afro women in America. My mother passed a disease that causes low quality life. And you want to know what? I haven’t even been to the doctor in years… At the moment, I just can’t afford to. See how I fit in that “statistic”?

I remember the time I went to the Emergency room because of my cycle. The doctor had me take exams. My mind interpretted what the doctor told me; basically I had my mother’s disease. What was concerning was how he gave me a couple pieces of paper, handed me my perscriptions, and shoo’d me.

After a couple doctor visits I was in debt at 18. The same age my mom had reproductive dysfunctions. Long story short, I began to research natural remedies to heal my womb. This health section is highly important, because women who are diagnosed and un-diagnosed needs this information,

Join me as I battle this common illness that plagues our community……….

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