What is GeecheeGreenHouse?

GeecheeGreenHouse is an Afro-centric blog that offers holistic lifestyle tips based off my experiences and cultural interests as a Geechee Native. I promote clean, organic, sustainable, and cost-effective household practices to empower Indigenous & Afro Indigenous communities. 

Who are the Geechee's?

Geechee's are one of the oldest West African-descent communities originating from Virgina to Florida spread throughout the Americas' and its islands. Each Geechee family may vary due to migrations and communal integration mixing with other communities, giving us a unique cultural-blend of West African, Caribbean, and Native American practices.

Gullah Geechee culture has it's own language, cuisine, spirituality, folk medicine, ancestral stories, specifical crafts, and more...

What are your sources?

Many of my resources come from the voices of indigenous communities to uphold a radical, unbias point of view in most topics I'm passionate about. To back them up, I reference institutions, digital data bases, and scholarly platforms to share my findings.

Why did you choose a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog suits me since I'm documenting my holistic journey reconnecting back to my roots in a more environmental-friendly and frugal way. It encouraged me to take pride of the applications of nature and knowledge my ancestors left. Others should be aware of simple life-saving practices without spending a arm an' a leg.

The biggest problems are accessibility, affordability, and lack of community network. My lifestyle blog addresses this by sharing a first-hand experience of effective practices and ancestral culture along with product reviews to connect my audience with resolutions.

How are you keeping GeecheeGreenHouse Afro-Centric?

Afro-centricity is kept by implementing our traditions, addressing life-style issues and connecting afro-owned businesses with my audiences. To maintain this:

  • I reference ALL dark-complected civilizations and their contributions to the world.
  • I ONLY promote product that I've regularly use or have deep interest in.  Brown-owned products are regularly seen here.
  • I address life-issues through personal experiences, accessible data, and voices of the brown people around the world.

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