Spring is not always Spring-in at the same time everywhere so my list is according to what is accessible and seasonal in the North East.

One thing about us Geechee’s is the basic foundation of using your resources and I am loving application of such wisdom in times of survival.

Many of our cuisines are infused differently depending on family background. My grandmother adapted to the West Indie culture which enabled her to further intermix the Gullah and Geechee cuisines with several Caribbean foods that soon became a staple in her home and has been passed down into my own.

Especially if we are away from Home, we improvise and select quality fruits that can be used with, or replace our traditional fruit.

Benefits of Spring Food

About the Author Sol Divyne

Sol Divyne is a multi-cultural mother who practices intuitive, traditional, and ancestral living in modern day life. Using the knowledge of her Geechee grandma and aunt, she focuses on raising her daughter with old and modern traditions. She figured with her discoveries and passions she could help other families with and without her community on spreading awareness of low tox and cultural living by documenting her findings on GeecheeGreenHouse

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