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Vitamin C has been an essential focus in our homes lately, hasn’t it? It is useful for viral infections, skin health, and even helpful in absorbing iron. So, I’m a bit obsessed with it.

Supplementing with synthetic vitamins has never been my thing. The decision is supported through my bloodline. Did they sip and munch on processed supplements? No. They ate off the land or had trading connections with other indigenous peoples.

While supplementing has a time and place, my goal is to use preventative and intentional measures to not rely on them by using whole food, or whole food based dehydrated powders to supplements need naturally.

Now I can easily go into the store and purchase the commercial oranges or other foods, but why?

The problem I found is the quality of hybrid citrus fruits and the overly sweet fruits that supposedly contains a high vitamin C content is not friendly for diabetic or those on a budget.

So, the mission was ethically sourcing an indigenous food that contain high levels of vitamin, unsweetened, and non-hybrid!

Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C

This nutrient isn’t only for viral infections! The human body needs the essential compound for many bodily functions to reduce modern disease yet many communities, especially Eumelanin ones are depleted of this nutrient.

Poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, adopting Standard American Dieting, and alcoholism leads to the depletion of vitamin C leading to degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, poor eyesight, reoccurring viral infections, and strokes (which is high in black and brown communities). Vitamin C is a well-respected treatment in the holistic community in combatting these degenerative diseases.

Other vitamin benefits:

  • Increases collagen production
  • Increases breastmilk production
  • Improves gut barrier function
  • Improves penile function in men
  • Assists in teeth remineralization

And more…The benefits fit my genetics too as I have biomarkers that puts me at risk for chronic disease.

Synthetic vs Natural

There are many companies selling their product as the best form of vitamin C supplements but neglect to share if its bio-accessible and bio-compatible to their customers— especially of color.

I am going to assume that we should be aware that the term “ascorbic acid” is the unnatural for of vitamin, derived from GMO corn. But many are unaware that this ingredient increases genotixin accumulation.

Camu Camu Powder: What It Is & Benefits

So many of you may be curious of this vitamin C supplement alternative.

Well the alternative is camu Camu fruit originating from the Amazon rainforests used by the Amazonian people’s, Instead of using the term exotic, I like to use the term indigenous as these people has been eating on this vitamin-rich fruit for centuries.

Camu Camu is a natural source of glutamate and several other amino acids, fatty acids, organic acids such as citric acids, and over 20 volatile compounds. The fruit is highly rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and manganese with traces of zinc and copper.

Most importantly, this fruit is prized for its vitamin C content  containing over 1100% vitamin  C! That’s over a dozen of commercial citrus fruits.  Its even filled with plant compounds necessary for cell repair and brain regeneration, making it a perfect lactation food being rich in polyphenols. The indigenous peoples demonstrates the need to eat a diet high in vitamin C (unless stated otherwise due to a pre-existing condition). In modern societies the average man needs around 90 m/day, woman need around 75 mg/day and 120 mg during pregnancy or lactation, and around 25 mg/day for children. Camu Camu provides around 200 mg depending on the season, maturation, and brand consumers purchase from.

There are numerous of brands out there and so far I’ve purchased the Camu Camu powder from Zint. With 239 mg (1180%) in a single teaspoon, I consume a little less than that so I can drink it throughout the day.

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What made me fell in love with it is the lack of highly processing, little sugars, and not commercially cultivated. Since it is not commercially cultivated its not easily accesible To find in its whole form, so instead I sought out the powder form to use in my beverages but it’s perfectly fine in a shot of plain water.

Some may wonder of the taste, and I’d say it’s like a wild lemon. It’s very very tart so if you decide to use it outside of water, it’s great in soups, smoothies, and yogurt bowls to spicing up your meats, fish, and vegetables.

Camu Camu Water Tips

Consume In A Shot

Camu Camu powder does not dissolve in water. Instead majority of it sinks to the bottom of the cup. It’s best to consume in a shot as it’s easier to mix and quick to consume.

Use Spring Water

Water with existing minerals help amplify and utilize the fruit nutritious properties in your waters. Spring water or filtered water even is best compared to using tap or plastic bottom water

Drink Throughout The Day  VS In One Go

Vitamin C is water soluble that eventually comes out through urination. Drinking throughout the day helps restore vitamin C levels and obtain the necessary iron through foods + provide antioxidants throughout the day.

Add a Nutritious Sweetener

Due to its tart flavor, if one was to add a sweetener make sure it’s nutritious to not take away its benefits. Raw honey or raw date paste are sugar substitutes since it’s stimulates the immune system and offer additional minerals too. Remember to think intentionally!

Picky Eaters

It can be hidden well in soups and fruit waters. Think of it as replacing lemons.

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