Little is discussed about the remarkable Impact of antioxidants in breast milk. Breastfeeding is the original solution in providing antioxidants to infants and toddlers that may lack it from their diet. I love the fact that I can provide the antioxidant, carotenoids by implementing this photochemical in my own diet. I wanted to offer a quick read of the known benefits of carotenoids and how it offers a holistic approach to internally and externally healing our children as part of our preventative care. So let’s dive in! 

what are carotenoids and its benefits?

Carotenoids are the phytochemicals that act as a antioxidant and promotor of eumelanin regulation. Its pigments are usually of red, orange, and yellow. Sometime the carotenoid content are high in deeply green root vegetable and herbs. For example, carrots contain carotenoids, but carrot greens contain even more! 

The Types Passed In Breastmilk

Lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthinc and β-carotene are the main ones detected in mothers milk. These compounds are highly dependent on maternal diet. This is the interesting part to me as I was curious to learn what has the ongoing studies detected so far considering I heavily incorporate this chemical compound in my diet. And as a Geechee descendant it’s important to gain this knowledge considering we’ve been eating this in Soul Food when we make it from scratch! 

Helloooo sweet potato pie and collard greens anyone? ! What about jambalaya that has the juicy tomatoes and other veggies used?

Its Role.  Carotenoids plays a role in eye, physchomotor, and cognitive development in babies. Due it’s benefits, it has the ability to reduce oxidative stress while protecting preterm infants.

Incorporating In Momma diet

.Now before we go any further, I wanted to add further insight on how to incorporate in and baby’s diet.

  1. 1
     Carotenoids are highly concentrated in colostrum milk compared to mature milk.
  2. 2
    Hind milk presents a higher concentration than fore milk
  3. 3
    .Carotenoids are fat soluble so it’d make sense for mom to pair them with high quality fats and for baby to breastfeed longer.

Incorporating foods that is unique to my ethnic background is extremely important to me as I know my knowledge will be passed on to the next generation.

Below I sorted the table based on the type of caotenoids based on strongest antioxidan activity to least.




Variety of Squash


Variety of Squash

Sprouted pistachios

Sweet Peppers



Seeded Watermelon

Sweet potatoe




Carrot Greens

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