The side effects of working in office spaces for long periods of time manifests into a long list of health problems that most Americans can't afford. Including myself, I remember the pain I had from sitting in weird positions for long periods of time while working on PC screens that made my body feel tired and worn out. And my partner can vouch for this considering we shared similar symptoms!

Implementing holistic techniques in office or work space is a form of conscious living in a high-tox society. Often times, employees are left to focus on work without effective tools, care and concern for their health. Chiropractic visits and/or other holistic services for full-time employment stress should be considered especially now that studies revealed the health disparities within business and home offices.

The disparities are common in eumelanin communities throughout the United States. Black and Brown ethnic groups are considered the most underserved populations of quality health care and the average member of the community is not usually given these options to act as a form of preventative care. But that changes today!

Why a Holistic Work Desk

Overworked employees tend to stare at screen for hours, sometimes while talking, with a 30 to 1 hour break increase bodily dysfunctions leading to various complaints left untreated. Many issues arise from staring at the screen, handling rude customers to lacking movement.

Pain caused from sitting and screen watching can result in skeletal, joint, and brain trauma. It is saddening to see people seek care late as eumelanin ethnic groups are more likely to get treated from hospital staff than receive care from a trusted physician.

Transitioning an office space into a conscious-friendly environment is something not many partake in. But I am here to share some tips I've been ensuring my partner use as he is a stay at home father, working a 9-5. Our transitional journey has transpired into influencing others to take back their money from hospital and doctor visits and investing the dollars into workspaces for our people to thrive.

A holistic office space is designed to:

  • Increase the quality of the work environment
  • Improves pain management from home
  • Benefits stay at home parents and caregivers
  • Invest into one's health
  • Practice modern holistic living
  • Can be adopted and impacted by children

I get it. Many homes are unable to just quite their job or take a vacation. So I've decided to point out some amazing tools that we will use or currently use to combat bodily trauma by creating an intentional work area to decrease our chances of disease.

Necessary Health Items At The Desk

Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at PC screens can cause an intense strain on the eyes. Using the proper colored glasses can reduce eye sensititives, headaches, and other symptoms linked to staring into blue light.

What's usually promoted are glasses that can block up to 90% of colored light, however long term it can disrupt the hormone production. The best kinds of glasses for indoor offices are yellow or red tint glasses to block the right amount of light to promote hormonal regulation relating to sleep.

Yellow tint are designed to take in beneficial rays during the day time to promote hormone production.

Red tint are designed to use at night to block out most colors without disturbing the users sleep hormones.

Insulated Food & Beverage Set

Avoiding microwaveable technology, or despise sharing refrigerator space? Insulated lunch and beverage sets are a long term investment to keep meals with drinks hot or cold for 6 hour+ long.

Dry mouth and eyes are common signs of dehydration that happens from office desk jobs. Having an insulated mug with a jug can help workers reach water goals without having to break and drink store bought beverages. This goes for lunches as well.


The intentionality of tea is super important for hectic work days. Tea blends can be used for de-stressing, managing pre existing conditions, or for daily well-being.

-tea blends that promotes calmness, daily minerals, and hydration

Back rest Pain stemming from the back is typically caused by poor posture, hard chairs, and added stress from the environment. Ensuring that employees get the best care available to reduce back pain is one of the affordable methods for long term care.

Nutritional Snacks

Office tasks are often done in a seat with little movement. As the metabolism slows down, hunger increases causing workers to snack at their desk but rarely satisfied.

Energizing snacks are apples and nut butter, raw fruits like mangos, berries, and melons, energy bars, veg + hummus, nuts, yogurt, baked plaintains, cajun boiled buru nuts, to sardine and crackers are nutritious examples.


Dryness is a common element in poorly ventilated in work spaces. From a holistic perspective, it is imperative to maintain high hydration levels in skin, hair, and lips.

Humidifying desk area's beneficially provide moisture while employee's perform daily tasks thus improving overall health and work performance. Great humid

Joint pain-free butter

Eumelanin peoples, especially amongst the African, and American Indian descent are harshly up against costly treatments or unobtainable services that can reduce and maintain the integrity of our tired muscles and stressed joints from computer typing, hunched over, or hip pain.

Skin care that offer's a therapeutic advantage is not highly spoken of for employee's who type and text daily. Pain management and improvement can be done at home for those with lack of resources or resorting to preventative care from home.

EMF Crystal

Electric Magnetic Fields (EMF) are emitted in light and frequencies in devices such as computers, phone, and other electronics. Some crystals are known for reducing exposure to EMF are Noble Shungite and Pyrite.

Ergonomic keyboard

 A traditional keyboard are used in most offices and employees already are, or will be experiencing the side effects from the use of them. The structure of the hands are not designed to stay and type in one position for periods of times. Pain is experienced from overworked nerves, causing painful tingling sensations to overall weak grip. These scenarios lead to a consition called Carpet Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and without the proper care, can require invasive treatment like surgery.

Luckily an ergonomic keyboard may manage some of these symptoms by allowing the hands to naturally position themselves while improving overall body posture from the user.

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