Cow (bovine) dairy has been the recommended Western nutritional choice for minerals, vitamins, and fats in the New World. The problem of this recommendation is who it is advised to…

The Western countries are heavily dominated by European influences that contributes to health and nutrition education based on their ethnic communities. Very little investment and effort is put into the brown and black communities on top of the mistrust due to historical events.

However within these past decades, advanced studies has improved to find the connections between disease and Eumelanin health. Cow dairy is not meant to be consume by the majority of the world based on current facts and complaints from the consumers themselves. The health care administrators seem to avoid this and advise the majority communities to consume lactose-free foods and beverages while providing less education and diagnostics for those with cow allergies.

Cow Dairy intolerance vs Allergens

Contrary to most beliefs, there is a difference between lactose intolerant and dairy allergy:

Bovine dairy intolerance is when the body is unable to break down lactose due to the small intestines inability to produce little to none of an digestive enzyme called lactase.

Bovine dairy allergy is a condition that causes the body’s immune system to aggressively react to the proteins in the milk.

Intolerance to dairy is common in over half of the Eumelanin populations around the world! In the West the common remedy are lactose management methods. Examples are: lactase enzyme pills, fermented products like cheese and kefir, and consume little amounts at a time. Whereas those suffering with an allergy are advised to avoid dairy consumption altogether.

Cow Sensitivity Symptoms. The symptoms vary from person to person, however be aware of internal AND external inflammation signs. Between dairy intolerances and allergies, both have similar symptoms while the allergen may exorts more aggressive symptoms.

Eumelanin Biological & Social Health Factors

Cow dairy pose a problematic health conditions in Gullah Geechee, American Indian, Caribbean, Asian, and Indian ethnic groups. Outside of Eumelanin populations Central Europeans also inherited similar genes that causes intolerances and allergens in their communities too.

Speaking of genes. Genetics play a role based on ancestral lineage and disposition. Gullah Geechee’s and other African-descent Americans are connected to groups of Africans who naturally produces, or don’t produce LCT Genes. Direct descendants of West African ancestors who consumed little to no dairy due to lack of pastoralism in cultures.

Within a European centralized system, minority eumelanin populations in western societies are deeply prone to racial and cultural issues that majorly impact their chances of managing, or even healing from their disease.

Current solutions by health professionals & Improper Recommendations 

Studies show that nutritional benefits of milk outweigh the negative side effects induced from it. Amongst the brown and black populations, universities conducted the deficiencies relating to calcium, vitamin D & B12. Therefore it is recommended by primary care providers (PCP) to advised dairy consumption to meet their daily requirements to prevent *list diseases* relating to those deficiencies.

But here’s the problem: The nutritional standards are primarily based on a Euro-centric scale without considering ancestral factors and in return worsen or induce aggressive symptoms in eumelanin groups.

According to American Bone Health, “…until more research is published confirming optimal levels, African Americans should target intake of calcium from food and supplements in the 1,000–1,200 mg/day range and not exceed 1,800 mg/day.  Vitamin D intake of 600–800 IUs/day should be sufficient for African Americans to maintain optimal levels. The serum vitamin D target should be 20–30 ng/mL, as opposed to 40–60 ng/mL for whites.”

In 2010 a study was conducted and found the level of vitamin D that is responsible for sending warning signals to the body’s calcium metabolism in Black women was 23% lower than White women. This was later confirmed in a 2011 study that proposed Black Americans can function with lower vitamin D levels than White Americans.

This information is not pushed out enough as there are health professionals who generally speak about the well-being of European-descent groups. What’s more concerning are pediatricians and those with specialized diets are still encouraged to consume cow dairy with little regards to genetic studies stating otherwise.

The alternatives

I love the idea of sharing both alternatives for families to make the best informed decision themselves. Here are alternatives to cow milk for those who may have allergens or intolerances for themselves or family.

Those who live a dairy-free or interested in using less dairy may feel at ease and gain confidence knowing the plant base & vegan options out there. Homemade plant milks are always best, but sometimes it is just jot feasible for all of us. Luckily there are select brands to choose from in-stores, we just need to learn how to select the best and HEALTHIEST ones. And I did just that for ya!

Ya’ll that want that tit-tay-yaaay, our ancestors gotchu. You know I take pride in our ancestors being creative and curating recipes from what they got– which is the land. Unfortunately that moo-moo gotta go for a lot of us folks, and I got yall covered too. As animal milk consumption been practiced through our peoples for centuries, there are dairy made from goat, sheep, and camel milk for beverage and cooking purposes. Learn more about the beneficial components for Black and Brown Health.

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  • Thanks for sharing! It’s important for research to include various ethnic groups so that the standard does not pose a threat to the health of non-Eurocentric populations.

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