Scissors and long coily hair is the last thing someone wants to think about.

No one wants to hear “Its just hair” and “Gotta start over” okay?

We are out here trying to achieve healthy hair goals and discovering the unlimited versatility with type 4 hair!

1.Big chop Saves $

Less product

Cutting my hair saved me so much product I ended up buying less. A huge bonus is being able to product test with samples to travel size products…because I used to pray when forced to buy full size. I was also able to turn my simple routine into a shorter hair routine for smaller.

Preserve water

Having less hair means less water. My showers are quicker, easier to wash my hair thoroughly, and I get to control what type of water I want in my head. I have a connection with my strands and I strongly feel my hair gets “thirsty” quicker. Using alkaline water, spring water, and herb infused waters has shown a major improvement in my hair appearance. Now with low cut hair, I get to preserve these waters longer and use less shower water.

Style At Home

I dont need to spend$150-$200+ on professional styling. I haven’t been to a shop in years, but now I really don’t need to go. As a new mom on the go, I can do professional style at home, but faster.

2. Low maintenance Routine

Quick styling

Short fro’s takes less time to style. A spritz and a side part to hide my big forehead (or pimples), up-do’s, twists, puff balls, braid outs, twist outs; I don’t need to spend hours styling anymore. And if I mess up, I can just throw on a scarf.

Easier styling

Speaking of scarves, I did not think to check out the ones with satin in it. Its my go-to style for knotted fro. Since my main goal is to enhance my feminine features, short hair has made it way easier to adorn her with crystal jewelry, sea shells, metals, chains, hats, feathers, and botanical hair dyes.


For my hair texture, it soaks up everything, and I can feel it in my neck. Cutting my hair relieved me from the aches to heavy hair. Making it easier to dry, shrink, and feel like a feather.

3. Healthier hair journey

dead ends, fairy knots, and split ends

Gone. THIS was my problem since being a first time mom yall. Let me not make this into a whole ‘Mommy Looses Herself and Cuts Hair’ epic. This big chop saved the new strands coming out of my scalp.


Before the cut my hair was dull. Now my hair is giving me natural shine all by itself. It’s extremely noticeable in the sun and under the moon. I like that its not hard to enhance with my favorite botanical oils.

Define hair

Having multiple hair textures really shown the most in my natural hair journey. I was able to fully embrace the diversity in my loc’s, and since the chop it’s been super easier to define with simple DIY gels and creams.

Even cut

My hair was definitely different lengths around my head globe. Off and on, my hair would break off from neglect in different places so in some areas, the beginning of my hair was thicker. As I go down a certain section, on my scalp, it gets thin. Definitely a huge no no, and another huge reason big chop was fit for this adventure.

4.Improve health

Enhance face

I’m confident as I say this but big hair was making my face look wide and plump. While I was able to draw out my features, it just didn’t fit well in my Mommy life due to the time, maintaining, etc. Cutting my hair short brought out all my feminine features plus brought out my natural face shape. It really help boost my self esteem as it gave me a constant reminder that my beautiful face is seen.

Mental health

This journey’s foundation is in my brain mentally. Chopping my hair has brought so much peace and joy. I’ve been able to spend quality time with my baby and use my time to focus on other things besides constantly touching my hair thinking “Damn, my hair feel so matted!” Or starting my hair but never finishing it which made me feel un-beautiful, embarrassed to look at, and disconnecting myself spiritually. Cutting my hair gave a realization that type 4 hair is unique and I dont need to touch her everyday now that she’s a Baby again.

Chopping off your hair has numerous of benefits and can easily make life better without worrying about making it presentable, keeping it hydrated, wasting products, or losing yourself to responsibilities.

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