Sustainable fashion has taken off lately as more parents become consciously aware of fast fashion brands contribution to waste and toxic chemical exposure.

Eumelanin children around the world are one of the biggest trend setters out there. And for that, it comes with a cost. Their health. Luckily over 15+ black fashion designers and parent’s took initiative in creating eco-friendly clothing which includes recycled, organic, and sustainable material!

Black Owned Sustainable & Organic Children Fashion


Lucylueorganics is family operated clothing brand that utilizes sustainable, uses organic cotton fabric in small batches, has infant and toddler sets, headbands to hats, booties, gowns, over-alls, and more.


A small retailer located in new york, for children ages 0-10, a huge focus on sustainability hand-sewn, and heirloom items, big on divserity and inclusiveity who works with minority clothing makers.


influenced by the modern African Diaspora and cosmic geometry. romote self-expression, individuality, and sustainability through our custom abstract designs and ethically sourced materials. We use quilting as a way of storytelling because our jackets and quilts can be passed own from generation to generation. sells jumpsuits,dresses quilted jackets, and more.


Minibrooklook combines simplicity and creativity to create beautiful bright and bold pieces by cultivating an eco friendly process. All of their items are sustainable with non-toxic dyes. Minibrook recently launched a spring collection and regularly carry tops, bottoms, dresses, onsies, jackets, and more!Shop pudge

Shop pudge

Shop pudge takes pride in being a brand that is ethically made and curated from the heart. While their store has other items, they have a variety of top pieces that shows cute mushrooms, berries, bee species, and more.


Yambeebaby is a Rwanda, African brand that uses gender netrual tones for children expression. Their collection consists of loungwear, onsies, tshirts, and more.

Kamso kids

If you are looking for authentic, indigenous prints from West Africa look no further. Kamso is ethical fashion clothing brand that caters to children from 0 to 8 years old, creating long lasting pieces that connects children to their heritage, or learn more about the Nigerian culture,

Ade n ayo

Become part of the Ade n Ayo family and check out their 100% organic cotton West African detailed print clothing. From bodysuits, tops, dresses, and other clothings, they carry accessories to match.


Located in Washington DC, Yinibinibaby is another clothing brand that believes in simplicity and health by using 100% organic cotton and dyes to curate eye popping


Shpoliviaj are the sock plug for children AND parents. Yep, pull out that camera and get to taking some family photos! With their unique patterns and textures made with , parents can easily pair their children’s outfits within Oliviaj’s collection. Interestingly

Rowan co baby

Rowan & Co brand sells jumpers, headwraps, knotted gowns, jogger sets and more. is a certified minimalist brand that tests all their product to uphold quality standards.


Meet Ezra + Ellie! A handmade brand to ensure the most quality items for babies and toddlers


Started by 2 sisters in NYC, royalbabiesandtots are known for their soft bamboo fabric with colorfuf imagatry for children imagaine.

Cojoavenue (.com)

Uses organic cotton and linen materials with non toxic dyes for toddlers and infants. Perfect for minimalist parents while highlighting the eumelanin beauty of children. Has affordable Pj’s, socks, jackets, body sets, sweaters, and more.


Known for their handmade neutral clothing with organic material. known for their funky harmens. has a selection of tees, shorts, and more.


Slow fashion greatly benefits children within Black & Brown communities by exposing their skin to less carcinogenic material. ;

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