The time has come! While the numbers are rising in homebirths, first time and seasoned mothers are empowered to apply natural birthing methods as replacements, or used along side hospitals recommended ones. There’s even holistic birthing tips to help promote a calming labor.

Early preparation around 35 weeks is essential to have on hand for the ‘just in case’ moments. Most items, if not some, can be purchased through the Baby List, Amazon apps, or any other baby list platform for communal support.

Vibrate high! Thinking about what to put in my bag was a mess, because I was not planning on giving birth in a hospital in the first place. But I’m glad I packed the essentials and came semi-prepared. Now I’ll share what I used and what I will use for the next birth! All item’s can be used at home or in hospitals. First we will discuss the needs for mom, then we will discuss the needs for the baby.

The Benefits To Know

This is the real minimalistic birthing bag checklist for natural mamas aiming to connect to their roots. What is put into this bag focuses on mother and infant health not only in the hospital but after the discharges.

Most checklists contains a lot of items while this checklist makes sure to use products that can be easier to pack and sort, cost effective, and used for multi-purposes in order for mom to initiate her instincts into full effect. The other benefits are

  • Improves maternal healing
  • Boosts mom & baby immune system
  • Reduces post-natal complications
  • Increases chance of breastfeeding

Mommy Items

A constricted setting can make any mom become out of tune of her own body. The bright lights, constant checking & monitoring, lack of live food and the surgical-looking tools can create a poor birthing experience in mothers aiming to give into themselves.

Curating a sacred space with a medical team who know their place is essentially needed for women of color. It is not uncommon to hear the disrespected stories from hospital staff. Shoot, I was one of ’em. If it was not for my own voice, partners, and on top of my belongings it would have been real stressful for me. So I recommend all mothers to have what they need to properly tend to their babies!

The items in this list decreases the likelyhood of that happening….

And i’ll tell you why.

Herbal Infusions (or teas). Having premade teas are necessary in a hospital bag. Herbs offer synergizing benefits that provides minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other rich plant components to assist during contractions. The best herbs eases anxiety, promote sleep, prevent blood loss, boosts lactation hormones, and more to increase the likelihood of a healthy birth.

Here are examples of herbs to keep on standby: Red raspberry leaf, ginger root, nettle, ceylon cinnamon, dandelion leaf , thyme, oregano, german chamomile

Eco-friendly insulated jug. During labor and after birth, hydration is a must. Most hospitals will offer (and some may be a bit forceful) IV’s to hydrate once admitted as a patient. However it is not necessary and as an alternative, having an insultated jug will assure mom attends to her liquid needs.

One of the best features about RTIC jugs is it keeps liquids warm for over 6 hours.

Insulated jugs are necessary if you plan on using your own mineralized water for the tea’s. Warm liquids are helpful in easing contractions and promotes maternal healing when enhanced with theraputic herbs. While I can’t speak for all hospitals, most hospitals carry plastic mugs and straws that increases unneccessary plastic exposure and carcinogens in these delicate times. And we don’t want that.

I’ve been looking into this gallon jug for myself personally as it can keep warm beverages warm up to 12 hours and is made out of sturdy materials while the inside is composed of stainless steel.

Energizing Foods. Food’s that are high in water and easy to digest assists mothers in retaining energy and strength throughout the process. Keeping whole foods like mango’s, apples, cucumbers, berries, papayas, soaked dates, or avocados are high digesting foods for energy restoration. Natural benefits are less containers and food processing, no food warming, and more acceptable by hospital staff (depending on the hospital of course).

After birth is where the warm meals can come in to jumpstart the healing process and supply real nutrients needed for breastfeeding. Warm green soups or herbed bone broths are a go to and can be packaged in insulated bowls.

Birthing journal. A birthing journal can be personal, inspirational, or for lawful purposes. A journal entry can start with your experience, maternal diet, or any other details mothes-to-be can think of as a therapeutic resource to mentally assess their own scenario.

Nursing pads. Nursing pad’s are good for momma’s uncontrollable leaking on day 1 in hospital settings. Breastmilk catchers can be used, but be sure to check for any foul smell from where it was bought.

Material matters. A lot of cheap nursing pads are often harshly chemically-treated that shouldn’t be so close to such an intimate place. Especially where baby feeds! There are a lot of options between organic bamboo, cotton, and hemp breast pads.

Sandals. In nature, the eumelanin women would be grounded into the earth thus naturally benefiting the feet. Indoor spots that has hard flooring can cause uncomfortability. Having sandals that are made that offers several benefits can be used in the hospital that can be used at home for healthy feet.

UnaPlumaShop on Etsy

Unwired Organic Bra. Bra-less is usually best. Even for big breasts. But sometimes momma’s may not be used to the feeling and need additional support.

  • Sports bras
  • Nursing bras
  • Bralettes

Are some styles mother’s can slip the boob in and out of. While some moms may not think about it, material matters as well. Common materials are organic cotton and bamboo.

Nipple butter. One of the biggest challenges is breastfeeding without damaging the nipples, but its bound to happen. With the right ingredients and care, the healing properties can restore the integrity of the nipple in under hours.

One of the first signs to moms getting used to latching is a stinging, pained sensation. If latched improperly the pain can be excruciating. Some of the best ingredients in nipple butters are chamomile extract, raw honey (and you can use raw honey to speed up the healing process), calendula extract, lanolin, mango butter, or virgin olive oil. These ingredients makes it multi purpose for using as a natural lip balm as well to keep the bag short and simple.

Postpartum Underwear or Diaper. Post partum underwear is designed to handle the remains of after birth. The best post partum underwear are ones made with organic, but thick cotton or is meshed. And even better bonus is an underwear this is C section friendly

Peri bottle. Don’t forget the peri bottle! They are meant to reduce the chances of infection and sooth the stinging sensation while urinating. Yeah, it can get rough sometimes…

With peri bottles, mothers can use spring water or herbal water made with dried leaves with healing and soothing properties. Think of chamomile or lavender!

Belly wrap. Used throughout eumelanin populations, bellly wraps or belly binding keeps the organs in place while reducing pain and gently tightening the stomach. The best wraps fit snugly and is less irritable.

Crystal. The effects of charged crystals are known for positively altering the mood, increasing higher vibrations in cells, and promote spiritual wellness.

Baby Items

This short list is aimed to protect infants from hospital germs, initate breastfeeding, and building a closer bond to baby. This tiny checklist is ensures that mom & dad worry less about the items and more on getting to know their child.

Organic cotton blanket. Hospitals are usually cold. Body tempatures can level out through skin to skin, but for when mom needs a break blankets do come in handy to keep baby warm. Organic material and dyed blankets are the way to go as they are long lasting, decreases risk of by-product pollutants, and gentle on newborn skin

Organic diaper or cloth diaper. Hospitals usually supply diapers but it’s the brands that are not entirely 100% the best. In eumelanin babies, they are already at odds from the genetics, environment, and other life factors in that moment. Hypo-allergenic, toxic-free dyes, and sustainable materials should be considered on what touches the baby’s body parts.

Tinky Poo is a perfect example of an ideal diaper brand, and the cute part is the dark skin representation! Cloth diapers are a long term option that can be immediately utilized after baby is born. Cloth diapers can come in many organic materials.

Learning the differences and why it’s important to eumelanin skin can help parents make the best decision in their choice, and these Black mom’s agree as well. Check out the top black owned sustainable organic cloth diapers to learn more.

Organic Cotton Nightgown. One of babies first exposure to the environment is through clothes. Why not make it easy with a nightgown?

Nightgowns are easier to wash and change diapers in during the hospital stay. Putting too much clothes can irregulate a newborns tempature. The best materials for newborn nightgowns are organic bamboo, cotton, and linen. Brands that care about the integrity of fresh baby skin is a must.

Shops like LucyLueOrganics are some great suggestions in finding sustainable long lasting nightgowns.

Placenta herbs. Can’t forget the placenta! Placenta herbs are great in netrualizing and preserving the organ until the unbilical cord detaches from the infants womb. The best herbs for preserving placentas are thyme, rosehips, lavender, rosemary.

Water-wipes. Waterwipes are usually over 99% water based with 1% essential oil made without dyes and non-toxic materials.

In TinkyPoo‘s case, they use chamomile essential oil which has outstanding healing benefits and gentle on baby’s butt. There are some water wipes instores for mothers to pick up in the event moms do not wish to order.

Infant all-body butter.All-body butters gives new born infants a head start in melanin health, skin regeneration, and ability to fight against pathogens.

An all purpose butter is great to have on hand instead of diaper creams, ointments, and lotions all in a bag (and its cheaper too!). With one product parents can use their butter during diaper changes and to hold in moisture to protect infants delicate skin.

The healthiest infant body butters are compacted with gentle ingredients that promotes skin regeneration, compact with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The butter guide can help parents make their own without compromising the pockets.

To save the trouble, there are black owned diaper butters that can be used as an all purpose, including momma nipples!

Crystal. Yes, because can have their own crystal as well. Parents can go further into diving into culture and pick a crystal based on the time of month the child was born, for protection purposes, or out of pure love.


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