Cloth diapers are reusable, non-disposable diapers. High quality cloth diapers are made of organic and non-toxic fabric to prevent carcinogenic exposure to infants. Materials such as organic bamboo, cotton, linen and hemp are amazing textiles for environmental health and enable eumelanin businesses to offer unique value.

Finding the right cloth diapers is hard but finding black owned and sustainable brands is harder. There a few working rigorously to redefine products that are all around a healthier. For that this post is dedicated to them for putting the quality in our products.

Organic Cloth Diapering Brands

Watermelon cloth diaper
Planet cloth diaper

Alkaline Goddess Cloth diapers

The Alkaline Goddess cloth diapers are 100% organic material and come in 3 colorful styles to fit infants between 6 to 30 lbs.

Organic Hemp Cloth Diaper
Organic Hemp Cloth Diaper


Pooters is a hemp cloth diaper brand that comes in two types of cloth diapers such as snap-less fitted and overnight fitted. Pooter diapers are known for its sustainability, organic materials, and durability. It is great for infants weighing 6 to 40 lbs.

The brand also carry inserts, covers, diaper cream, and swimwear diapers.

stretchy flats
Organic fitted Cloth Diaper

CooperRoseBaby uses an organic blend between cotton, hemp, and linen. With beautifully styled prints, this brand makes diapers for day and night time with a system any mother can achieve. Their collection of diapers are fitted diapers, play flats, sleepy flats, & tie fitted

Cloth diaper
Cloth diaper

Quirkybaby considers themselves as an eco=friendly and ethical brand that produces cloth diaper covers in small batches in sustainable packaging. Their boutique has a range of colorful Black representation from infants to toddlers.

Cloth underwear
Pocet with snack inserts

Meet this ethical brand who takes pride in creating handmade pocket, fitted, and preflat diapers made out of sustainable fabric like hemp, bamboo, and wool for high quality diapers.

Cloth Diaper
cloth diaper
Twisted mystic tushies

Twisted Mystic Tushies is prized for its breathable, non toxic made of athletic wicking jersey cloth diaper that has a tummy panel feature that prevents leaks. 

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