Individualized learning has increased as a result of the 2020 shut down. While some parents are able to find solutions for their children's development, many families of color struggle with obtaining affordable resources to facilitate a healthy learning environment for their children.

The key to optimizing individualized curriculum is to discover interests, disinterests, strengths and weaknesses. Allowing the child to express themself to assess these factors may be done in a formal or nonformal way. Formal assessments include personality/career/passions/intellect tests while nonformal assessments are day-to-day by recognizing the child's disposition in their activity. Some activities that can be done at home include gardening, memory challenges, role playing, swimming, and sports, 

Many Afro-indigenous cultures align with Montessori teachings. Now more than ever, people are talking about teaching methods parents can use independently and applying their culture to it. 

Meraki Montessori

Meraki Montessori creates simple toys and kits made

Products: DIY kits, wooden toys, puzzles, activity gyms & mats


Mamaanddog is a brand who was created by a mother which sells fun, chic resin letters that makes it eye catching for littles to play! 

Afrocentric Montessori

Founded by a Montesssorian teacher, Afrocentric Montessori offers a range of products that connects the child to Africa! Afrocentric Montessori products are eco-friendly and are mostly handmade with non-toxic colors.

Products: Wooden toys, printables, African & Black American packs, color & tracing sheets, educational tools for adults


Montikids is dedicated in providing quality, non-toxic heirloom toys that can be passed down to generations or passed throughout the family.

Inspired by her son, Zahara offers kits and monthly subscription boxes to help transform any parents home into Montessori stations for babies and toddlers exploration to learning through experience.

Products: 3 month subscription box based on age, learning kits, Montessori furniture, parent courses


For 6 and under, Littlelikeskids are keen on Black representation through everyday actions. Each product demonstrates cultural activities that makes it unique to Afro-indigenous cultures. And it should be normalized!

Products: Puzzles, board games, memory games, cards


Sunshadesbox is a book-activity monthly subscription box that uses sustainable supplies for children to perform 1 to 2 activity prompts in it and also offer a "Sibling box" as well.

Products: Monthly or individual book activity subscriptions boxes for children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old


Kidochicago is a 4th generation children's online and physical store based in Chicago. Their collection of toys and materials can be used in facilitating life to memory skills through play from infants through elementary children.

Products: Wooden toys, instruments, puzzles, dolls, art supplies


Kidscoloringco is owned by two friends, who wanted to make a difference by offering activity coloring books and gardening kits. Their gardening kits are packed with card guides, organic seeds, decorative items, and gardening tools to help a child practice indoor gardening!

Products: Activity coloring books, Organic gardening kits


Eco-friendly materials. Organic seeds. Sensory gardens. Hortikiplants is a gardening kit company that teaches children how to grow their own organic food indoors and outdoors in a sustainable way.

Products: Indoor gardening kits, outdoor gardening kits, accessories, refills

Science Teacher Mom

Owned by a mother/scientist, Medinah has put her passion into STEM-based kits with high quality supplies and worksheets for children to experiment indoors. Science Teacher Mom kits are created from ages 3 through 10.

Products: Monthly kits, curriculum for parents & teachers, hosts mommy events

Montessori In Color

Montessori in Color is an online retail store while offering handmade, eco-friendly, and heirloom quality products for infants to older children. Their products display the spectrum of shades representing all people well.

Products: Books, wood toys, sensory toys, art supplies

Busyhandsplaytimeco (on etsy)

Busyhandsplaytimeco is a sensory kit brand that specializes in non-toxic playdough


Captivatingplay is a sensory kit brand that specializes in non-toxic playdough for ages 18 months to 3 years old.

Products: Playdough & sensory kits, sensory rice, kit accessories

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