Greetings fam’lee! Today’s discussion is re-discovering Jamaican black castor oil. With various brands on the market, it can be difficult to find high quality dark castor oil for your needs. Popular brands were given the chance to nurture castor beans. Instead we, as the consumers, are left disappointed with clear castor oil when the bottle clearly says “Black”, or a version that feels like canola oil and smell like cigarettes. Yes, I paid attention to the characteristics too. Even I had struggles with it finding authentic black castor oil for my type 4 hair and chocolate skin. Allow me to introduce Rooted Treasure, their product is consistent every time…

What is Black Castor oil

Black castor oil was originated in East Africa. For years our people relied on the castor bean with ash for internal and external uses. As of right now, Haiti and Jamaica have their own distinct product of the Castor Oil. Scientific studies on Jamaican Castor oil history is scarce on the internet; However, there are some Jamaican Black Castor oil brands who explained the untold history. For example, the women in the islands were traditionally in charge of the oil product and offered it the oil to those in aid . Historical data about Haitian oil is hard to find, but I recommend consulting with a Haiti native, or specifically a Haitian elder to share their history too.

About Rooted Treasure

According to their website, “Our castor beans are organically farmed. We do not add fertilizers or any chemicals in growing our crops. Our crops grow naturally from the richness of our soil, rain and natural sunlight. We monitor the growth of our crops and manually remove any weeds that will prevent growth. We do not use any pesticides or harmful chemical to treat our crops ” This company is fully Jamaican owned that is h



This oil is the bomb! I stumbled across this brand on accident, and I haven’t regret it since. Rooted Treasure has all the characteristics of roasted castor oil; The oil consistency is thick, the smell is burnt and strong, and the color is a beautiful deep dark brown color.

Ever since I bought this product I’ve been using it for my Significant Other and I every day until the bottle runs out. The oil is so thick, if you coat your strands with it enough and style, that oil would still soften your hair. Every night and day, I use this oil to coat and heal my face. This prevents, heals, and solves majority of my skin problems. My face stays clear with it. What I like the most is that with continuous use, the product actually coats and heals. It doesn’t just sit on you. I recommend using JBCO for thinning to thick hair. This is the oil that will prevent your hair from drying out. I give it 4 star because I’m greedy and need a bigger bottle, but a 5 star in this company’s product

Where to Purchase

There are 2 websites you can purchase:

Amazon: ______

Rooted Treasure website:

About the Author Sol Divyne

Sol Divyne is a multi-cultural mother who practices intuitive, traditional, and ancestral living in modern day life. Using the knowledge of her Geechee grandma and aunt, she focuses on raising her daughter with old and modern traditions. She figured with her discoveries and passions she could help other families with and without her community on spreading awareness of low tox and cultural living by documenting her findings on GeecheeGreenHouse

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